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Dear World Affairs Council Members:

Over the last number of months an additional group of people have been volunteering to assist our Council in various ways. These wonderful people are giving their time and energy to make our WAC function well, and they deserve my sincere and grateful thanks and recognition. Hats off to the following new volunteers:



Cheryl White, Secretary to the Board of Directors and Board Member
Herm Herman, Membership Chair on the Board and Board Member
Darlys Perry, Phone/Message Coordinator and Board Member
Heather McLintock, Board Member and Assistant Program Committee Chair
Leslie Treadway, Program Committee Member
Lee Berry, Program Committee Member
Sheila Einhorn, Check-in, Hospitality
Patricia Smith, Check-in, Hospitality
Helen Baum, Check-in, Hospitality

I hope they will enjoy their work with our WAC organization as they continue in their respective important roles. I invite others who would like to join our extraordinary group to contact me or Pat Givens, our Human Resources Director. We can always use anyone wanting to make a difference in our World Affairs Council.

Thanks also to all of our other dedicated volunteers, many of whom are long-time WAC contributors and deserve our sincere thanks for their service.

Mike Morrison

General Membership

Individual $45
- Invitations to more than 12 programs and luncheons each year
- Discounted admission to most programs, including the Annual Meeting
- Complimentary issues of the Council's newsletter, Perspectives

Family $65
- All Individual benefits for two adults

Sustaining $100
- All Individual benefits


Corporate $500
- All Individual benefits


Patron $500

- All Individual benefits

- Option to underwrite a speaker program

Senior $35
- All Individual benefits


Senior/Dual $55
- All Individual benefits

Student $10
- All Individual benefits

Membership Application

If you are already a WACSC member and want to renew you membership  Membership Renewal



WAC Philadelphia Travel


For any members interested in combining their love for travel with their appreciation for the World Affairs Council approach to international affairs, our WAC Philadelphia sister council is offering a series of unique guided journeys in the coming months. The list below is a partial selection of international trips that are open to all WAC members:

• Megan Torrey, CEO, World Affairs Council of Connecticut, Himalayan Kingdoms: Sept. 11-25

• Dixie Anderson, Executive Director Emerita, World Affairs Council of Western Michigan, Romance of the Douro River: Sept. 15-26

• Joyce Davis, President, World Affairs Council of Harrisburg, Town & Country Life in Languedoc: Oct. 6-14

• Don Samford, Board President, Peoria Area World Affairs Council, Cuba: Nov. 4-12

• Megan Torrey, CEO, World Affairs Council of Connecticut, South East Asia: Jan. 29 - Feb. 11, 2019

• Mimi Gregory, Vice President of Programs, Naples Council on World Affairs, Grand Seine: June 30 - July 18, 2019

• Dr. Carla Thorson, Senior Vice President of Programs, World Affairs, Northern California, Arctic Expedition: June 21 - July 1, 2019

• Derrick Olsen, President, WorldOregon, Trade Routes of Coastal Iberia: Oct. 13-21, 2019

Perspectives wants your trip photos if you choose to go! For more information about these travel options, contact or call 1-800-942-5004.

WACSC Volunteer Management Team

*Mike Morrison, President
*Joe Leadem, Vice-President; Program Committee Chair; A/V Director; Editorial Board
*Cheryl White, Secretary; Webmaster
Tom Gemetti, Assistant Treasurer; Treasurer’s Advisory Group
Jim Jepson, Assistant Treasurer: Treasurer’s Advisory Group
*Paul Willihnganz, Immediate Past President; Editorial Board
*Dale Schmid, At large
*Herm Herman, Membership
*Brantly Richardson, Administration
*Bob Kirk, Past President; Publicity
*Leanna Breese, Treasurer; Program Committee Logistics Coordinator; Editorial Board
*Pat Givens, Past President; Human Resources Coordinator; Program Committee
*Mark Stapp, Academic Outreach; Perspectives Editor
Doris Evans, Perspectives Assistant Editor
*Heather McLintock, Program Committee, Perspectives
Marvin Mai, Perspectives Distribution; Treasurer’s Advisory Group
*Darlys Perry, Phone Line
*Pat Lewis, Reception; Hospitality
Barbara Fry, Spring Lake Great Decisions Program
Lloyd von der Mehden, Program Committee
Joe Clendenin, Program Committee
Linda Lambert, Program Committee
Lee Berry, Program Committee
Leslie Treadway, Program Committee
Nancy & Rodgers Broomhead, Spring Lake Village Liaison
Pat Mai, Book Club

*Members of Board of Directors

Patron & Sustaining Members

(These members have contributed in excess of membership fees)

Robert Anschicks
Leanna Breese & Alec Vance
Gale & Phil Brownell
Judy Burness
Agnes & Patrick Connolly
Lyn & Ron Crocker
Nancy & George Duncan
Ted Eliot
Gerry French & Paul Willihnganz
Patricia Givens
Ava & Sam Guerrera
Jan & Harry Hufford
Thomas Johnson
Joe Leadem
La Gare Resturant (Gladys Praplan)
Marie & George McKinney
Heather & Alan McLintock
Jean McVeigh
Lynda Millspaugh & Michael Morrison
Shahrokh Moaveni
Jeannine & James Park
Gertrude Reynaud
Kathleen Riley
Marilyn & Donald Sanders
Debra & George Schneider
Jean Schulz
Viviann & Mark Stapp
Jane & Nelson Weller
Barbara Fry
Beth Martinez
Mary Valentine

Corporate Member

Spring Lake Village

Welcome to Our New Members!

A warm hello to those of you who have joined WAC as new members in recent months! We hope you are enjoying our speakers and events. Our Board members will be making an effort to meet all of our new colleagues in the months to come. If you are an existing member and notice a new face at one of our events, please don’t hesitate to introduce yourself.


Ricki Coryell
Molly & Andrew Fleischman
Melody Mitchell (Spring Lake Village)
Lorna & Neil Myers
Donna Shearer






Membership Dues



Events with Meals



Other Events



Grants 500 500

Interest Income



Gifts & Donations 3,130 665












Meal Cost 29,836 37,034

Member Communications






Refunds 627 856

Dues - WAC



Administration/other 1,238 1,496
Audio Visual & Indep. Contractors 2,751 1,533
Other Misc.          0        0
Total Disbursements 44,834 54,085

Net: Receipts Less Disbursements



Bank Balance - Beginning of the Period


Bank Balance - End of the Period 31,022



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