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Dear World Affairs Council Members:
I thought our members would like to see the long arc of programs we have had in the last year or so, and what programs we have scheduled for the next several months. From time to time we ask our members what subjects they would like to se e covered, and our ever-searching Program Committee has its ears and eyes open for those subjects and speakers. After listening to what you have suggested, here are the program subjects, briefly titled, that we have presented, looking back over the past year and into the early new year:

2017 and early 2018:
Human Trafficking • California Wildfires • Overseas Role in U.S. Elections• International Organizations • U.S. and Gulf States • U.S. Role in Asia • Mecca • Taiwan/China • Nuclear Weapons • Zika Virus • Russia • China in Africa • Trump Middle East Policy--Iran Changing Role in U.S. Foreign Policy • Doctors Without Borders • Great Game in South Asia • Muslim/Jewish Relations • Turkey • Syria • Venezuela • Info/Cyber Security • India/China.

Looking ahead in 2018:
Federal Reserve • Macron and France Policies • North Korea • Japan/U.S. Relations • NATO, Russia, the Arctic , and many other subject possibilities in the exploratory stage.

While our emphasis is on world affairs, we occasionally diversify with other programs of interest to our members, such as medicine, space exploration, and, most recently, the devastating wildfires. We hope these programs have given you a better and more complete understanding of the world’s affairs. As the Program Committee continues its never-ending speaker search, please continue to tell us what you would like to hear. We expect 2018 to be a year of great programs!

Mike Morrison

General Membership

Individual $45
- Invitations to more than 12 programs and luncheons each year
- Discounted admission to most programs, including the Annual Meeting
- Complimentary issues of the Council's newsletter, Perspectives

Family $65
- All Individual benefits for two adults

Sustaining $100
- All Individual benefits


Corporate $500
- All Individual benefits


Patron $500

- All Individual benefits

- Option to underwrite a speaker program

Senior $35
- All Individual benefits


Senior/Dual $55
- All Individual benefits

Student $10
- All Individual benefits

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Member Profile - Sumedha Khanna


Dr. Sumedha Khanna, an Oakmont resident, has completed her first year as a member of WACSC. That will not surprise anyone who has had the opportunity to meet her, as she is quite accustomed to being first.

Dr. Sumedha Khanna


Born in Delhi, India, she entered the prestigious Lady Hardinge Medical College and graduated with her M.D. at age 21. Sumedha then went to England for specialization in obstetrics and gynecology.
She became Fellow of The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists at age 26.

Her passion in helping women lead better, healthier lives led her to accept a scholarship to the University of Pittsburg where she obtained a Master Degree in Public Health , followed by additional research at the Columbia University Institute. In 1968 she was recruited by WHO for The Americas to start family planning clinics and train doctors and midwives in the Caribbean countries and in several Latin American countries. She became the first woman to be appointed head of a WHO country office, the first female director of a Division, and the Director of Health for All Strategy/Leadership Development in Geneva. During her 25 years with WHO, she consulted on public
health in over 60 countries.

In 1993 Sumedha and her husband moved to The Sea Ranch in California, and she started her Center for Women’s Health-Healing Well in Gualala, dedicated to promoting health and wellness of women in midlife and beyond. Later, she formed a group called “Sisters of the Third Journey” to explore health and life challenges for women aaged 65 and older. Since moving to Santa Rosa in 2015, Sumedha has been involved with the Sonoma County Council on Aging. She has recently started a foundation that focuses on empowering girls and women in India through education.

Be sure to greet this warm and gracious lady when you see her at a WAC meeting.

- Heather McLintock

WACSC Volunteer Management Team


Mike Morrison, President*
Joe Leadem, Vice-President; Program Committee Chair; A/V Director; Editorial Board

*Cheryl White, Secretary
Tom Gemetti, Assistant Treasurer; Treasurer’s Advisory Group
Jim Jepson, Assistant Treasurer: Treasurer’s Advisory Group
*Paul Willihnganz, Immediate Past President; Editorial Board
*Dale Schmid, At large
*Herm Harmann, Membership Chair
*Brantly Richardson, Administration
*Bob Kirk, Past President; Publicity
*Leanna Breese, Treasurer; Program Committee Logistics Coordinator; Editorial Board
*Pat Givens, Past President; Human Resources Coordinator; Program Committee
*Mark Stapp, Academic Outreach; Perspectives Editor
Doris Evans, Perspectives Assistant Editor
*Heather McLintock, Program Committee, Perspectives
Marvin Mai, Perspectives Distribution; Treasurer’s Advisory Group
*Darlys Perry, Phone Line
*Pat Lewis, Reception; Hospitality
Jim York, Assistant Webmaster
Barbara Fry, Great Decisions Program
Lee Barry, Program Committee
Joe Clendenin, Program Committee
Linda Lambert, Program Committee

Leslie Treadway, Program Committee

Lloyd von der Mehden, Program Committee

Nancy & Rodgers Broomhead, Spring Lake Village Liaison
Pat Mai, Book Club

*Members of Board of Directors

Sustaining Members

(These members have contributed in excess of membership fees)


Robert Anschicks
Leanna Breese & Alec Vance
Gale & Phil Brownell
Judy Burness
Agnes & Patrick Connolly
Nancy & George Duncan
Ted Eliot

Barbara Fry
Patricia Givens
Ava & Sam Guerrera
Jan & Harry Hufford
Joe Leadem

Beth Martinez
Marie & George McKinney

Heather & Alan McLintock
Jean McVeigh

Shahrokh Moaveni
Jeannine & James Park

Gladys Prapan (LaGare Resturaunt)
Marilyn & Donald Sanders
Debra & George Schneider
Viviann & Mark Stapp
Jane & Nelson Weller

Corporate Member

Spring Lake Village

Welcome to Our New Members!

A warm hello to those of you who have joined WAC as new members in recent months! We hope you are enjoying our speakers and events. Our Board members will be making an effort to meet all of our new colleagues in the months to come. If you are an existing member and notice a new face at one of our events, please don’t hesitate to introduce yourself.


Charlie Cannon

Sara Jones

Pat Lavelle

Vivki Owens



The World Affairs Councils of America is a loose affiliation of about 100 Councils differing greatly in size and mission. Some Councils target the business and professional community, some develop programs for high schools, and others, like ourselves, provide world affairs programs for individuals. Certain large Councils do all of these and more.


Some Councils have over 10,000 members, while about 20 Councils in smaller communities have 500 or fewer members. The large Councils have professional staffs, while smaller Councils like our Sonoma County Council are run by volunteers. Many of the smaller Councils are affiliated with universities or other institutions that offer office space and staff assistance.


The World Affairs Council of Sonoma County (WACSC) is purely volunteer and does not maintain an office. We have a working board of directors; each director has personal responsibility for some aspect our operations. Assignments include areas such as administration, programs, and publicity.


Our all-volunteer style has distinct advantages:

•          We do not need a staff and have low expenses

•          We fund programs entirely from member dues

•          We devote all our effort to programs and have no fundraising

•          Our working directors stay directly in touch with members and our community


We are constantly looking for new directors and other volunteers. If you would like to help, please contact our volunteer coordinator, Pat Givens, here or any of our directors via the local  WACSC phone number, 707-573-6014, or e-mail


Because WACSC is an IRC Section 501(c) (3) organization, contributions to WACSC, including dues, are tax-deductible, subject to normal IRS rules for substantiating contributions. Regular dues should be paid by check; your cancelled check serves as your receipt. We provide written receipts for Sustaining Member dues and other contributions over $75.00. Of course, amounts paid for luncheon and dinner programs are for meals and are not tax-deductible.






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