President: *Mike Morrison

Vice-President: *Kathleen Riley

Treasurer: *Perry Ritenour

Secretary: *Judy Burness

Assistant Treasurer:  Tom Gemetti

Perspectives Editorial Board: *Bill Anderson, *Leanna Breese, Doris Evans,  David McIntyre, Mike Morrison, Kathy Riley, Mark Stapp.

Perspectives Editor: *Bill Anderson

Perspectives Assistant Editor: Doris Evans , Mark Stapp

Perspectives Profile Editor: David McIntyre

Perspectives Distribution: Marvin Mai

Audio Visual Chair:  Kathy Riley*

Immediate Past President: *Paul Willihnganz

Great Decisions: Barbara Fry

Hospitality: *Pat Lewis

Membership Chair:  *Pat Kocher

Program Chair: *Kathy Riley

Program Committee: *Leanna Breese, Joe Clendenin,  Richard Esperance,  Barbara Fry, *Pat Givens, Lane Olson, Linda Lambert, Joe Leadem, *Mike Morrison, *Kathleen Riley, Mary Valentine, Lloyd von der Mehden,

PhoneLine: *Alice Eurotas

Publicity: *Bob Kirk

WACSC Database: *Brantly Richardson

WACSC Website: Joe Oliver, Jim York

Director: *Dale Schmid at Large

Sonoma State University Liaison: *Mark Stapp

Spring Lake Village Liasons: Nancy & Rogers Broomhead

Reception Chair: Pat Lewis

* Members of Board of Directors



 Mike Morrison: A Thumbnail Biography


Mike Morrison and his wife, Lynda Millspaugh, live in rural Kenwood and have a son and a daughter. Mike had a 40-plus-year career in land use and environmental planning as a private land-planning consultant and public agency land planner. He has an undergraduate degree in Urban Planning and a Masters in Public Administration. He and Lynda love world-wide travel, and he is a tour leader at Quarryhill Botanical Garden. Mike is also an avid tennis player.



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Members of the WACSC Program Committee are shown below.

Leanna Breese Richard Esperance Barbara Fry Pat Givens Joe Clendenin




Linda Lambert  Joe Leadem

Lane Olson




Mike Morrison Kathleen Riley Mary Valentine Lloyd Von Der Mehden



The World Affairs Councils of America is a loose affiliation of about 100 Councils differing greatly in size and mission. Some Councils target the business and professional community, some develop programs for high schools, and others, like ourselves, provide world affairs programs for individuals. Certain large Councils do all of these and more.


Some Councils have over 10,000 members, while about 20 Councils in smaller communities have 500 or fewer members. The large Councils have professional staffs, while smaller Councils like our Sonoma County Council are run by volunteers. Many of the smaller Councils are affiliated with universities or other institutions that offer office space and staff assistance.


The World Affairs Council of Sonoma County (WACSC) is purely volunteer and does not maintain an office. We have a working board of directors; each director has personal responsibility for some aspect our operations. Assignments include areas such as administration, programs, and publicity.


Our all-volunteer style has distinct advantages:

          We do not need a staff and have low expenses.

          We fund programs entirely from member dues.

          We devote all our effort to programs and have no fundraising.

          Our working directors stay directly in touch with members and our community.


We are constantly looking for new directors and other volunteers. If you would like to help, please contact our volunteer coordinator, Pat Givens, ( or any of our directors via the local  WACSC phone number, 707-573-6014, or e-mail


Because WACSC is an IRC Section 501(c) (3) organization, contributions to WACSC, including dues, are tax-deductible, subject to normal IRS rules for substantiating contributions. Regular dues should be paid by check; your cancelled check serves as your receipt. We provide written receipts for Sustaining Member dues and other contributions over $75.00. Of course, amounts paid for luncheon and dinner programs are for meals and are not tax-deductible.


The WACSC is managed by volunteers and is dependent on member volunteers for all phases of our activities. With over 420 members, there must be qualified people on our member list who can handle a wide variety of responsibilities. Please step forward and volunteer your skills and time. The satisfaction you will experience, knowing that you are contributing to the operations of this Council, will make it well worthwhile.








Membership Dues



Events with Meals (Note 1)



Refunds -626 559

Other Events



Grants 500 500

Interest Income (Note 2)













Member Communications









Insurance & National Dues



Audio Visual 1,875  
Other Miscell. 379 -340
Total 14,900 11,475




Net Expense



Bank Balance:    

January 1, 2015



December 31, 2015 29,941  





Note 1: Receipts for meal events (luncheons, annual dinner and picnic) are netted against meal expense for comparison to prior year's performance .

Note 2: At the end 2014 and 2015 The Council had $15,000 invested in cash reserves that are included in the Bank Balance.. 

General Membership

Individual $35
- Invitations to more than 12 programs and luncheons each year
- Discounted admission to most programs, including the Annual Meeting
- Complimentary issues of the Council's newsletter
, Perspectives

Individual $35

 - All Individual benefits

Family $50
- All Individual benefits for two adults

Sustaining $100
- All Individual benefits
- Four Membership Cards


Corporate $500
- All Individual benefits

Senior $20
- All Individual benefits


Senior/Dual $35
- All Individual benefits

Student $10
- All Individual benefits

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