Great Decisions Groups in 2015



In May the 2015 Great Decisions discussion groups wound up reading, discussing and deciding on solutions to their 8 relevant and difficult topics presented by the Foreign Policy Association. Two discussion groups, totaling 16, met at Spring Lake Village under the direction of Barbara Fry and Jim Grau.  One was a Monday afternoon group and the other a Tuesday evening one.  Plans are in place to continue the SLV discussion groups again next year, starting in February.


Oakmont had two groups, totaling 40, meeting on Monday mornings at the East Recreation Center. George McKinney was the general director and the groups were led by Karen Krestensen and Juanita Roland. While the Oakmont groups are limited to Oakmont residents and guests, a large number are members of WACSC. George assures us that he plans to continue the Oakmont program again next year.

Watch for information about the 2016 Great decision programs in the 4th quarter 2015 edition of Perspectives.


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