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Roger and Lyn Phelps

Our website describes WACSC as a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that promotes study and public education in world affairs and contributes to improved international understanding and relations. Lyn and Roger Phelps can add one more role to this list: a place to meet, fall in love, and marry!

Lyn was born in San Leandro, California, to an American mother and a New Zealander father. When she was three years old, Lyn and her parents moved to New Zealand to be near her father's family. Lyn was adventurous: at age18, she and a girlfriend took a cargo ship from New Zealand to England via the Panama Canal – there’s a story you should ask her to share!

Roger was born and raised by American parents living in India, but returned to the USA for college. He majored in History at a small college in North Carolina, entered the military, and then completed a Master’s in Social Work at Boston University. His career took him to Pittsburgh, Ukiah, and then to Santa Rosa where he practiced social work at Community Hospital (now Sutter Hospital) for 23 years, retiring in 1994.

Lyn returned to California, married, raised two children, and worked and modeled for Macy’s. She is also an artist and pianist. Lyn became involved in the San Francisco WAC and was on their Program Committee. After moving to Santa Rosa, she joined WACSC and was Chair of the Program Committee for several years.

Lyn and Roger met at a WACSC meeting and have been married for fifteen years and have 5 children between them. They enjoy traveling by car, Winnebago, and plane-– but both agree that ship travel is the best. They are a lovely couple; say hello to them when you see them.

Heather McLintock

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