Member Profiles

Jim and Rosemary Jepson

Jim and Rosemary Jepson have crisscrossed the globe-–separately and together. Rosemary was born in New Jersey, and after two years of college in Pennsylvania, she decided to take a break. A break for Rosemary meant working for the American Red Cross in Korea and Morocco. She then went to a Peace Corps training in New Mexico (where she met Jim) and then spent two years teaching at a school in Chile.

Jim was unable to go to Chile with the Peace Corps, so he took a job in San Francisco, where he and Rosemary finally got together. They then moved to New York and were married on the East Coast in 1967-–Congratulations!--and Jim completed his Ph.D. in International Business and Finance at Columbia University. The couple returned to San Francisco where Jim was an Associate Professor at Cal State East Bay, then moved to Palo Alto to work for a global educational consulting company.

Meanwhile, Rosemary completed her undergrad and MLS at San Jose State and worked in the Medical Library at Stanford. Next stop was San Francisco where Rosemary taught English as a Second Language.

Jim worked for Levi Strauss, helping develop long-term project proposals for their foreign divisions, then becoming Assistant Treasurer responsible for managing their employee pension funds, here and overseas, including Australia, Hong Kong, Philippines, England, Belgium, and Germany.

When the Jepsons retired to Sonoma about 15 years ago, they joined WACSC. Jim assists the Treasurers by compiling the WAC quarterly reports.

Both Jim and Rosemary volunteer at Jack London State Park. They are avid travelers and hikers, taking week-long hiking trips to places such as Scotland, Quebec, and Montana. They have one surviving son and three grandchildren in North Carolina. You will enjoy meeting this very gracious and interesting couple.

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