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Joe and Dianne Clendenin

Joe and Dianne Clendenin met at Indiana University. After their graduation, they moved to Moffett Field in California, courtesy of the U.S. Navy. In 1972 they moved to Santa Rosa, which has been their home base ever since. Joe, a Family Physician, retired in 2002, and Dianne is a retired Medical Technologist, but neither has slowed down.

Joe volunteers in disaster relief, locally and nationally, for the American Red Cross where he is on-call for eight or nine days per month. Local disasters are usually fires, whereas national disasters normally involve hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, or major fires. Dianne, an accomplished figure skater, continues to judge tests and skating competitions. They both enjoy skiing, hiking, and biking with their three children and seven grandchildren. The Clendenins volunteer weekly in the St. Luke’s church breakfast program for students. They are active members of the WACSC and serve on the Program Committee.

Joe and Dianne are strong believers in the importance of physical activity and its effects on the body and mind. In 2012 they created “iDo26.2,” a walk/run program that encourages children from kindergarten through grade 6 to become active as part of a healthy lifestyle. Grades 2-6 students must complete 26.2 miles within a school year; younger students complete 13.1 miles. The program began in a few Santa Rosa schools and now, 5 years later, serves 13,500 students in 74 schools throughout Sonoma County. Over 400 teachers and coordinators volunteer their time for this successful program, and it is now part of the NorCal Center for Well-Being and Sonoma County Upstream Investments. While there is no cost to the schools or participants for this program, the rewards are great. Children are healthier physically, more alert mentally, and learn how to set and achieve goals and develop self-confidence.


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