Message from the President


Greetings to all of our World Affairs Council members. As President, along with the Board of Directors, I wish all of you a pleasant and fruitful holiday season and New Year.


Out with the old, in with the new! Big changes are occurring on the national stage as well as the international stage that will affect us all. We will have to wait to see how these changes play out; however, at our local level the work of your World Affairs Council continues as it always has, regardless of what occurs elsewhere. Our dedicated volunteers will continue their never-ending search for expert speakers to keep us informed about world events. Perhaps more so than in previous times, the international implications of our recent election will be fascinating to witness, and they will undoubtedly be the subject of many of our speakers' talks as the year progresses.


Your Program Committee has compiled a great group of speakers for the next several months on topics including China-India, Russia, the role that minerals play in conflict, the Zika virus, and other timely subjects. You are invited to join us as we watch the these timely issues unfold in the year ahead.


I want to thank all of our dedicated WAC volunteers who put such great effort into making our Council function smoothly. The value of their commitments of time and energy cannot be overstated. All these people deserve our heartfelt gratitude!


I hope to see all of you at our programs in the New Year. There is so much to know and learn about in the “interesting times” that we find ourselves living in.


Mike Morrison


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