Message from the President



I hope all of you had a pleasant and relaxing summer. As fall arrives it's time for another President's Message. This time the Message runs from the sad, due to the loss of a colleague, to the financial.


As some of you may know, long-time WAC member, Board Member, Past-President, and all-around great human being, Bill Anderson, passed away recently. Billís involvement dates back to the early days of WACSC. Over many years he gave enormous energy and put in countless hours to make our Council the great organization it is today. Bill was smart, saw issues from all sides, worked well with everyone, and was unfailingly pleasant. All who met him were impressed and considered him their friend. He will be greatly missed. To get a better idea of what an extraordinary person Bill was, please see the article about him in this issue of Perspectives. If an Other Worldly Affairs Council exists, Bill has likely already joined the Board, and if such a group doesnít exist, Bill is working to start one, as well as a full suite of other community efforts.


This Perspectives also features an article from me on money matters. The bottom line is that we need to raise our membership dues effective January 2017 to maintain WAC's strong financial position. Raising dues is never pleasant, but rising overhead costs make the decision necessary to maintain the number and quality of our speaker programs. Our Council has benefited in recent years from ample reserves that covered our increased expenses. Future financial projections indicate that we shouldnít rely on our reserves any longer, and that the time has come to raise dues.


Your Board has examined this issue very thoroughly and looked at alternatives. My article later in this Perspectives details many of our considerations. Rest assured that this dues increase will be sufficient to cover existing and projected costs. I am pleased to note that WAC has not raised dues in over 15 years and that your Board does not intend this to be a regular event! WAC programs remain a great bargain: our expert speakers provide us with understanding and knowledge of world affairs for a price you cannot find anywhere else.


In conclusion, I hope you have a pleasant fall season. Since this is the last President's Message for 2016, I hope you enjoy the coming Holiday Season that is, amazingly, not far off!


Mike Morrison


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