Message from the President


FAKE NEWS: Can your WAC be an antidote?

We hear about “fake news” a lot lately. Whatever it is, it seems as if it might be around for a while, so I thought it important to bring it up. By all accounts, fake news, in whatever form, is a threat; it is hard to detect and can negatively affect how we see and understand the world and the events around us.

What does your World Affairs Council have to do with fake news? Luckily, nothing in a direct way, which is good. In fact, our WAC does make and continues to make a contribution in thwarting the influence of fake news.

I believe the role your WAC can play is to continue with its longstanding commitment to selecting speakers who are experts in their fields, who have a recognized depth of knowledge and experience, and who are able to communicate that expertise to us in a credible way. Our WAC can push back against--or be an antidote to--fake news by continuing to do what it has always done: by having excellent speakers.

Our speakers are listened to intently by our members, are thoroughly questioned, and can be considered purveyors of “genuine news.” While there may be fake news swirling around out in the world, at the World Affairs Council it is always our speakers that let you walk away with a better understanding of the subject, and, more importantly, with confidence in the credibility of what you just heard.

I hope that by the existence of groups like World Affairs Council, such “fake news” can be relegated to the lowest level.


Mike Morrison


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