Message from the President


As we proceed into the second quarter of 2016 I want to say a few words about some of the unsung dedicated WACSC volunteers. While our membership at times sees or hears about our Board members and Program Committee, there are many other people behind the scenes who support our programs so that the membership receives the best there is to offer. The following exemplify some of the people who give of their time and expertise in areas of finance, website operation, and producing the Perspectives brochure. Many thanks to all of them:


Tom Gemetti                 Marvin Mai

Jim York                        Doris Evans

Joe Oliver                      David McIntyre

Jim Jepson                    Bill Anderson (also a Board member)


Elsewhere in this issue, our Perspectives editor has more to say about our great volunteers who willingly offer their services on an ongoing basis.


I also want to remind everyone that our great program speakers are never paid an honorarium or given other financial inducement; a night or two in a hotel, a meal or two, and minimal travel expenses are the speakers' only "compensation," along with a visit to our beautiful Wine Country--which we always stress! We are very appreciative of them for sharing their expertise with us. Over the years we have attracted amazing speakers for the most minimal financial outlay.


Hats off to the World Affairs Council of Sonoma County!


My best to all,


Mike Morrison


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