Message from the President


We have been in the middle of a rainy season the likes of which we haven't seen in many years. By the time you read this, I hope blue sky and sunshine are the order of the day. Here's to a pleasant Spring!

In the last issue I noted that big changes were occurring on the national and international stages as a result of our nation's November election, and we have to wait and see how things play out. Now those words seem to be an understatement. Our national and international worlds seem to be spinning so fast, and while possibly disconcerting to many, the current world we find ourselves in is actually fertile ground and a great opportunity for our World Affairs Council. In January our Annual Dinner speaker, Anja Manuel, talked extensively on how she saw events unfolding in this new national/international situation; it's a fascinating topic, both to our speakers and our membership. A new level of curiosity and concern has grabbed people's attention, and we will encourage our future speakers to address this ongoing drama.

While holding our collective breath in that regard, your Council has been working on new ideas. One idea to help get more far-ranging speakers and diverse topics is to create for our members a “Patron” class of donors. For a $500 donation, which is the average cost of a speaker, one can be the Patron for a particular scheduled speaker or a future speaker or topic. Judy Burness, Council Secretary, explains the plan in a separate article in this Perspectives issue. Judy will head a committee of Board members to explore this and other new ideas to keep our Council's approach fresh and stimulating. Please read Judy's article, and if you are so inclined to become a Patron, please contact me (, or Program Chair and Vice President Kathy Riley (, and we will get you established as a Patron.


Mike Morrison


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