Book Group

Our book group meets each month to discuss a current, high profile book of particular relevance and interest.

Whether it’s Robert M. Gates’ Exercise of Power, Tim Marshall’s Prisoners of Geography or Ian Urbina’s The Outlaw Ocean, we select and read books that illuminate pressing concerns on the world stage.

The group has been meeting via Zoom for over a year, but after our current summer break, we may return to our traditional living room get-togethers. Up next for September: Walter Isaacson’s The Code Breaker, a gripping account of how Nobel Prize winner Jennifer Doudna and her colleagues launched a revolution in the study of genetics that will allow us to cure diseases, fend off viruses, and have healthier babies.

For more information, call (707) 573-6014. All are welcome!


William J. Perry, 19th U.S. Secretary of Defense, who presented a talk to us on Nuclear Weapons in November, 2019, is working with his son,  David Perry, to create a podcast series.  The first program aired in early July 2020.  You can sign up at for email notifications.

Great Decisions

While WACSC does not currently sponsor the Great Decisions program, there are discussion groups at Spring Lake Village for their residents and in Oakmont for Oakmont residents and their guests.