Pat Givens

Meet Pat Givens, WACSC Board Member Pat's rich life and wide experience have made her an ideal World Affairs Council member and valued contributor to the Board. We asked her to share some life highlights with us. Pat writes: From a very early age, I wanted to travel and see how other people lived. Perhaps... Continue Reading →

David Beckman

Meet David Beckman, WACSC Board Member David joined the Board last year, and agreed to share aspects of his life, and what being part of WACSC means to him. David writes: I was born in Jamestown, New York, and in high school was involved in debate and student government, and elected Student Council president. Thus... Continue Reading →

Leanna Breese

Meet Leanna Breese, WACSC Board Member Leanna Breese has made many contributions as a valuable Board member. We asked her to share highlights of her life and work with us. Leanna writes: I grew up in Iowa City, Iowa. Intriguing places I wanted to see and experience seemed all too far away. I attended the... Continue Reading →

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