The Planet, Corporate Responsibility, Regeneration and Us – What Lies Ahead?

  • 12/12/2023
  • 12:00 PM (PST)
  • Iron and Vine Restaurant, 3328 Yulupa Ave., Santa Rosa, CA 95405 - 707-852-1162
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Lynelle Cameron

award-winning technology executive
and sustainability strategist

Lynelle Cameron’s sponsor is Gabriel Campbell,
member of the WACSC Program Committee

        With the current collision of climate change, pandemics and wars, we are experiencing a true multi-crisis. Sustainability – balancing people, planet and profit -- is the key, and requires unprecedented collaboration among the private sector, public sector and civil society. So much is at stake.

        Enter Lynelle Cameron. Having led sustainability teams at Hewlett Packard, Autodesk, and elsewhere, Lynelle knows this terrain intimately. Her passion is for a sustainable future for all; she has spent 20 years bringing high-profile corporations up to speed on their responsibilities to the environment, and to us.

        We’ll learn that in the early 2000s, sustainability gained a foothold in the corporate sector and later became ESG – Environmental, Social, and Governance – an approach investors use to evaluate corporate responsibility and performance. Did it work? And if not, what to do now?

        Join us to hear Lynelle Cameron’s experiences in this all-important sustainability movement, and her vision and insights for the regenerative economy that lies ahead for all of us.

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Meal choices:  Blackened chicken with rice and seasonal vegetables. 
Vegetarian option: pasta with tomatoes, zucchini, basil and parmesan.

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More about Lynelle Cameron

       Lynelle is an award-winning technology executive, business strategist, investor and board advisor with more than 20 years of experience leading companies to capitalize on sustainability, climate and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).

        Known for her vision and foresight, and ability to spot emerging trends long before they become mainstream, Lynelle led the sustainability team at Hewlett Packard and published one of the industry’s first ESG reports. Then, as Vice President of Sustainability at Autodesk, Lynelle’s unique combination of business strategy, technology leadership, and stakeholder engagement, made Autodesk the 4th most sustainable company in the world, according to Barron’s.

        Now Lynelle advises a portfolio of private and public companies on ESG, sustainability, and regenerative business models.

        An early TEDx star (look for her talk on, Lynelle won recognition as one of the Most Influential Women in Business by the San Francisco Times. She has an MBA from UC Berkeley, an MS from the University of Michigan, and a BA from Middlebury College.

Capacity has been reached - Sorry, this event is SOLD OUT!

You may click "Join Waitlist" to see if we have cancellations.


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