Announcing Our May Zoom Program

“The Rules of War and
International Humanitarian Law”

with Jill Hofmann

International Services Pacific Division Lead (IHL) with the American Red Cross

Jill Hofmann

Jill Hofmann is sponsored by Joe Clendenin,
WACSC Program Committee Member

Are there rules in war? This is an important question on so many levels. Given Russia’s recent invasion into the Ukraine and accusations that it is committing war crimes, we are being forced to readdress this vexing question.  To help us answer it, Jill Hofmann shares with us what are considered to be currently-accepted rules of engagement during armed conflicts and how combatants are supposed to comply with international humanitarian laws. She will also discuss how rule-breakers are brought to justice, after-the-fact, by courts and tribunals.

Jill has first-hand personal experience of what actually takes place in conflict zones and will share with us the successes and failures she has seen. You will find her thoughts very enlightening.

You won’t want to miss this extremely interesting discussion!

Date: Tuesday, May 17
Time: 4:00 p.m.
Venue: Zoom
And It’s Free: As a member you will receive priority enrollment. 

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About Jill Hofmann

Jill Hofmann has been a licensed psychotherapist for over 40 years and has also been a volunteer with the American Red Cross for the same duration. Jill has been deployed internationally, working both in war zones and disaster relief settings. Among her other positions are Associate Staff at UC Medical Center in San Francisco, Behavioral Health for 25 years; and Staff on Loan to the International Federation of Red Cross in Geneva, Switzerland.

Jill is a contributing author for various publications detailing various Red Cross relief efforts. She is also a recipient of numerous awards including the Red Cross Clara Barton Award and Lifetime Service Award; the International Woman of the Year award from the Soroptimist Club; and The Community Engagement Award from California State University of Monterey Bay.  Jill is currently the International Services Pacific Division Lead (IHL) for Northern California Coastal Region of Red Cross.

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Also Coming Soon…

June 17
12:00 noon
Douglas W. Lee

WACSC is pleased to bring back live, in-person luncheons with this program! The place: Charlie’s Restaurant, north Santa Rosa. More details and directions to come.

Historian, teacher and author Douglas W. Lee will take us to a new understanding of China’s role in the world. His talk, The U.S., Russia and China: Today’s Global Menage a Trois, promises to unveil China’s intents, strategies and expectations in a world triangulated among the Big Three superpowers. With degrees in history and law, 40 years of teaching, and specializing in American-Chinese relations, Professor Lee is uniquely positioned to open our eyes to the current fraught global landscape.

Watch for the coming full announcement of our post-COVID live programs, starting in June.

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