Announcing Our January Zoom Program

In Retrospect:
America’s 20-Year Project in Afghanistan

with Afghan-American author Tamim Ansary

Tamim Ansary

Mr. Ansary’s sponsor is Board member Paul Petersen

How do we understand America’s intervention in Afghanistan, leading to our longest war ever? What might the future hold for Afghan society internally and in global politics? One way to not find the answers is by viewing Afghanistan just through an American lens. Our January 11th, speaker, Tamim Ansary will take us inside Afghanistan itself.

Drawing on his book, Games Without Rules (The Often-Interrupted History of Afghanistan), Ansary peels away simplistic explanations and shows that America’s nation-building aspirations and military actions were two sides of the same coin. Along the way he highlights the eerie parallels among the American, Soviet, and British experiences in Afghanistan. Mr. Ansary brings a special perspective, that of someone who was born and grew up inside the culture the American project was attempting to re-shape. His focus: the tragic consequences we now must live with, and what they bode for the future.

You won’t want to miss this very timely program!

Date: Tuesday, January 11
Time: 4:00 p.m.
Venue: Zoom
It’s Free:    As a member you will receive priority enrollment.

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About Tamim Ansary

Afghan-American author Tamim Ansary takes a particular interest in the zones where cultures and civilizations overlap. Besides Games Without Rules, his books include West of Kabul, East of New York, a memoir about straddling a cultural fault line in the world, and Destiny Disrupted, a history of the world through Islamic eyes. He also authored The Invention of Yesterday, a bird’s eye view of world history as a fabric woven of cultural narratives, in which he explores ways we might construct a world historical narrative for this global age.

For over two decades, Mr. Ansary moderated the San Francisco Writers Workshop, and along the way delivered a series of high-profile lectures at the Osher Institute. He lives in San Francisco with his wife. They have two daughters.

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February 17, 2022, at 4:00, on Zoom

Is modern migration the last best hope for thousands, or an impossible world scourge? A moral imperative for wealthy countries, or an intolerable burden? International scholar, lecturer, and author Mark Randol will speak on Migration and the Upending of the Western Political Order. If the brute fact is that in spite of our humanitarian impulses no country can accommodate all the people who want in, what are we to do? Be sure to mark the date for this most timely and important Zoom presentation.


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