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On August 19 we are pleased to bring you
a timely and important Zoom program:

“Does China Have a Grand Strategy?”

Presented by Dr. Thomas Fingar

Thomas Fingar’s Sponsor is Mike Morrison of the
WACSC Board and Chair of the Program Committee

China has the world’s largest population, the second largest economy, and a growing military capability. It is, by any definition, a major power. But what does that mean, and what are the implications for the United States? Does Beijing have a master plan or “grand strategy” to displace the United States as the preeminent international actor and, if it does, is it capable of realizing its declared and imputed ambitions? Is China an unstoppable juggernaut or a fragile superpower?

Answers to these and similar questions will shape U.S. policy toward China, East Asia, and the international system. If our understanding of China and its objectives is wrong, our policies will be ineffective or counterproductive. Thomas Fingar will explain why, and provide an informed summary of China’s challenges and what it must do to achieve its domestic and international objectives.

Date: Thursday, August 19
Time:  4 P.M.
Venue:  Via Zoom
It’s free:  As a member you will receive priority enrollment


More About Dr. Thomas Fingar

Dr. Fingar’s career has spanned academia and government.     Trained as a political scientist (with primary emphasis on China, the Soviet Union, and international relations) with a Ph.D. from Stanford, he taught at Stanford for a decade before joining the State Department as chief of the China Division in 1986.

Subsequent positions during his 23-year tenure in Washington included two tours as Assistant Secretary of State for Intelligence and Research, Chair of the National Intelligence Council, and Deputy Director of National Intelligence. He returned to Stanford in 2009 where he is Shorenstein Asia Pacific Research Center Fellow in the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies.  His most recent book on China is Fateful Decisions: Choices That Will Shape China’s Future (with Jean Oi, 2020).

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Also Coming Soon…

September 16 What’s at stake in the Arctic? Ambassador David Balton, Senior Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson Center’s Polar Institute, will present “Seeking Leadership for a Changing Arctic,” a program focused on the crisis that may well be coming up north.

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