Meet the Board

Mike Morrison

For 10 years Mike has been a pillar of our Board, with positions ranging from Vice President to President to Program Chair – his current job, for the second time around. Mike brings a love of world affairs, organizational skills and infectious warmth and enthusiasm to everything he does. Mike writes:

As a teenager and young adult growing up in the suburbs of Seattle in the 1960s and 1970s, I was fascinated with world events, international affairs, and politics. Hoping for a career in diplomacy and the Foreign Service, I started along that academic track at the University of Washington, until I discovered an equally strong interest in the environmental movement that was just getting started. […Read more…]

Michele Chaboudy

We were so pleased to announce in September 2021 that Michele would take on the role of President of the Board. Along with her energy, curiosity and intelligence, Michele brings a unique blend of business and academic accomplishment, management expertise and a passion for community service. She writes:

I grew up in Portsmouth, Ohio, as part of a family dedicated to community service, and early on I knew that this spirit would stay with me no matter where life took me. Upon graduating from Portsmouth High School, I headed to DePauw University, where there was no question what my major would be — history. Receiving my B.A., I went on to Indiana University, earning an M.L.S., and from there turned my sights west, for an M.B.A. at Pepperdine University. […Read more…]

Linda Lambert

Linda Lambert joined the Board in 2020, and is active on the Program Committee. She leads our all-important Think Tank — a committee of member-volunteers honing new strategies and opportunities, guaranteeing that WACSC stays vital. In this piece, Linda shares details of her rich and rewarding life to date.

I was born in Chicago, but grew up in West Mineral, Kansas, a small coal-mining town of about 300 where my parents were from. Unfortunately, I felt like a fish out of water there, as though I’d been accidently dropped in a strange land.

Perhaps this was because my mother was a liberal, flamboyant romantic who didn’t fit either. […Read more…]

Pat Givens

Pat’s rich life and wide experience have made her an ideal World Affairs Council member and valued contributor to the Board. We asked her to share some life highlights with us. Pat writes:

From a very early age, I wanted to travel and see how other people lived. Perhaps this was because I was born in a tiny town — Leitchfield, Kentucky, population 600. I just knew there had to be a big wide world out there somewhere.

My family moved twice  […Read more…]

David Beckman

David joined the Board last year, and agreed to share aspects of his life, and what being part of WACSC means to him. David writes:

I was born in Jamestown, New York, and in high school was involved in debate and student government, and elected Student Council president. Thus was born a keen interest in public life and events — how they’re shaped by people, politics and ideas. An equally strong fascination was with literature and writing. How would these two diverse interests find expression?

I went to Brown University […Read more…]

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