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The Debt Buildup in America: What Might the Future Hold?

Maya MacGuineas, President, Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget

Thursday, June 18
4:00 p.m. Via Zoom on your computer, tablet or phone

Cost:  Due to the importance of this presentation, there is no charge to attend. Members receive priority enrollment and will have an opportunity to pose questions.

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For a long, long time, the American government has spent more money than it has taken in via taxes and borrowed via debt to make up the difference.  We have become a debtor country in the process.

Before the Coronavirus appeared, there were already very serious concerns about America’s finances.   Now with our financial response to the Coronavirus situation, those concerns have been dramatically amplified.  Put very simply, we are in completely uncharted financial waters.  Now we are talking about trillions and trillions of dollars being spent on government programs.  Our country’s debt will likely climb dramatically.  Maybe this is all necessary given the circumstances.  But what are the possible consequences?  Can we, should we, do anything about it?

Our special guest speaker

Maya MacGuineas
President, Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget

We are privileged to have Maya MacGuineas join us. She is extremely knowledgable on the topic of government spending and debt and is a great speaker.

Maya MacGuineas is the president of the bipartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. Her areas of expertise include budget, tax, and economic policy. As a leading budget expert for the past twenty years and a political independent, she has worked closely with members of both parties and serves as a trusted resource on Capitol Hill.

MacGuineas testifies regularly before Congress and has published broadly, including regularly in The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Financial Times, The Atlantic, and numerous other outlets. She also appears regularly as a commentator on television.

MacGuineas oversees a number of the Committee’s projects including the grassroots coalition Fix the Debt, the Committee’s Fiscal Institute, and FixUS.  FixUS is a group which seeks to better understand the root causes of our nation’s growing divisions and deteriorating political system, and work with others to bring attention to these issues and the need to fix them. Her most recent area of focus is on the future of the economy, technology, and capitalism.

Previously, MacGuineas worked at the Brookings Institution and on Wall Street, and in the spring of 2009 she did a stint on The Washington Post editorial board, covering economic and fiscal policy. MacGuineas serves on a number of boards and is a native Washingtonian.

Final word: Don’t miss this presentation!

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