Pre-Announcing Our LIVE June Program

“Russia and China:
Today’s Global Menage a Trois

with Douglas Lee

Historian, teacher and author

Douglas Lee

WACSC is pleased to bring back live, in-person luncheons with this program! The place: Charlie’s Restaurant, north Santa Rosa. More details and directions to come.

Historian, teacher and author Douglas W. Lee will take us to a new understanding of China’s role in the world. His talk, The U.S., Russia and China: Today’s Global Menage a Trois, promises to unveil China’s intents, strategies and expectations in a world triangulated among the Big Three superpowers. With degrees in history and law, 40 years of teaching, and specializing in American-Chinese relations, Professor Lee is uniquely positioned to open our eyes to the current fraught global landscape.

Watch for the coming full announcement of our post-COVID live programs.

Date: Friday, June 17
Time: Noon
Venue: Charlie’s Restaurant
North Santa Rosa
Cost: More info to follow!

Reservations available soon!

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