Starting on March 7, we will be presenting programs at


 a large, friendly and very convenient venue!

And to kick it off, we’ll have a very exciting speaker
UC Berkeley Physics Professor Emeritus
Richard A. Muller
with surprising new insights
on climate change issues:



Dr. Richard A. Muller is a ground-breaking researcher
and thinker on physics and climate change,
and a National Security Advisor to the US Government.

Dr. Muller's sponsor will be Joe Clendenin of the WACSC Program Committee.

About the Program

        Dr. Muller’s contention is that most of the proposed climate change solutions we believe in will not succeed. And that carbon tax, electric cars, even solar and wind power cannot significantly deliver climate change.

        He observes that most of the predicted rise in CO2 comes not from the US or Europe, but from China (where over 100 huge coal pants were added in 2023), India, South East Asia, and Africa. And, that these locations simply can’t afford expensive alternate energy, period.

        Muller’s solution is twofold: “Comfortable” energy conservation, and nuclear power. In Climate Change Solutions that Really Work, Richard Muller will unveil findings we need to know and spur a vital discussion we need to have.

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Petaluma High’s 2023 winning team

Academic WorldQuest
Of Sonoma County --
All Eyes on March 2nd!

        As AWQ heads into 2024 under a full head of steam, no fewer than nine teams, from five high schools, will vie for the Sonoma County championship on March 2nd. Last year, our kick-off competition was won by Petaluma High, and the team’s trip to Washington for the Nationals was a high point for all concerned. Our thanks go to all who donated so generously, and to the student teams whose enthusiasm and competitive spirit made AWQ a true winner. Onward!  [..Read more..]

World Affairs Council
of Sonoma County

WACSC presents speakers from a variety of backgrounds including government, finance, and health, at luncheons and other events in the Sonoma County Area.

WACSC is a member of The World Affairs Councils of America.  WACA traces its earliest roots to 1918, when the League of Free Nations Association was formed by 141 distinguished Americans, including the social reformer Paul Kellogg, to support President Woodrow Wilson’s efforts to achieve a just peace.

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