Announcing our very timely
March 8 program — LIVE


The World Affairs Council of Sonoma County is honored to present one of our most important programs ever:

“At the Crossroads”

with Gregory S. Stone, Ph.D.

Dr. Stone’s sponsor is Program Committee
member Joe Clendenin

Our planet’s health is in dire straits as we spoil our nest and compromise the only home we’ll ever have. Profound decisions relating to the crisis are being made all over the world — from national elections to the U.N. Look at it this way: we are a lot of people on a small planet, hurtling through the cosmos at 67,000 miles an hour, with many of us poisoning our resources without regard to replenishing them. The most serious threats are rapid climate change and material shortages.

What to do? Emminent oceanographer and researcher Gregory S. Stone invites us to be part of the urgent conversation.

Dr. Stone says, “My own research and that of many others has underscored the serious nature of the problem. The renowned Stockholm Center for Resilience thinks we have already crossed four out of nine planetary boundaries.”

Dr. Stone’s talk, with reception to follow, will be one of two not-to-be-missed discussions in our environment series for the 2023 season.

Date: Wednesday, March 8
Time: 4 P.M.
Cost: This program is FREE
Place: The Glaser Center, 547 Mendocino Ave., Santa Rosa
Reception to follow with Dr. Stone. Enjoy wine, light appetizers and conversation. ($10 suggested donation.)
Health note: It’s recommended that attendees be vaccinated and should wear masks except while eating.

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About Dr. Gregory S. Stone:

A National Geographic Hero and Explorers Club National Fellow, Dr. Stone’s research and thought leadership focus on practical ways for humanity and the oceans to support each other. He has made thousands of dives to all depths in all oceans and has worked with or given talks to a broad range of stakeholders.

Dr. Stone earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in human ecology from the College of the Atlantic, a master’s degree in marine policy from the University of Rhode Island, and a Ph.D. in marine science from the University of the South Pacific.

He is currently Chief Ocean Scientist and Marine Conservationist for The Metals Company.  Formerly he chaired the Oceans Council at the Davos World Economic Forum, and was Chief Scientist at Conservation International. He’s been Science advisor to the United Nations, and co-founded both the Ocean Health Index and Pole to Pole Conservation.

Dr. Stone’s conviction: “Everything important that ever happened in the history of humanity started with conversation. Let’s have such a conversation.”

Join us on March 8 for this important WACSC program!

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