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Switzerland: #1-Rated Country in the World; What Might America Learn from Them?

Thursday, December 6, 2018
7:30 p.m., Spring Lake Village Auditorium
5555 Montgomery Drive, Santa Rosa

Members and SLV residents: No Charge
Nonmembers: $5 donation

No registration required.  Donation at the door.

Walter Niederberger, U.S. Correspondent for Tages-Anzeiger, Switzerland’s largest daily newspaper

Switzerland has been recently rated the world’s #1 country by U.S. News and World Report. (The United States has been ranked #8 in the same survey.) How is Switzerland doing so well? What can we learn from them? Be ready…we can learn a lot!

In tonight’s program, Joe Leadem, from the World Affairs Council Program Committee, will interview Mr. Niederberger, who will share his thoughts on Switzerland. Walter has previously been a political correspondent for the Associated Press (AP) in Switzerland and the capital newspaper Der Bund. He currently reports on U.S. economic affairs. In 2016 he published his first book, Trumpland–Portrait of a Divided Nation for the German-speaking market. He and his wife live in Healdsburg.

Please join us for this discussion of Switzerland. We have a lot of questions for Walter, and maybe you do, too! Who knows where it will lead? Maybe we can find answers to some of the issues facing America…in the Alps of all places!

Joe Leadem, Sponsor



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