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Are you concerned about…

…Russia and Ukraine? Spy balloons, Taiwan, and U.S. – China relations? How about the environment and climate? World-wide threats to democracy? Then there are the strains in the European Union and conflicts in Israel, the Middle East, and Africa. What of the future of the two Koreas, Thailand and Japan?  Mexico, Central and South America?

One thing is sure: the world has never been more fraught with change, tension-filled and in need of understanding.

Enter the World Affairs Council of Sonoma County. Our monthly programs bring members and their guests up close to vital speakers whose expertise and experience are guaranteed to shed light, spark thought and lead to spirited conversation on where the world is headed and why. And why it matters to us as citizens.

WACSC is non-profit and non-partisan. Objectivity is our goal, fair and balanced presentations our promise. And our members appreciate it — indeed, seek it out — month in and month out.

Serving Sonoma County for 35 years

Founded in 1988 in Santa Rosa, the center of Sonoma wine country, we provide our community with superb speakers including ambassadors, journalists, academics, and business people, many with national reputations and all with world-wide perspectives. We offer luncheon and late-afternoon programs (some live, some by zoom), an occasional special program, and more often than not, an annual summer picnic for members.

A special highlight for 2023 and beyond

Beginning this year, we are sponsoring Academic World Quest, a competition in which local high schools will field student teams answering questions on world affairs. Winners will compete nationally with 58 teams from across the nation for the national title in Washington, D.C. Go to the AWQ page on this website to learn more

Inspiration, conversation, fun and new friends

WACSC is one of 98 independent World Affairs Councils in the United States affiliated with the World Affairs Councils of America, and we are one of the few operated entirely by unpaid volunteers. Our members come from all walks of life and, at our events, find ready access to new friends who share like interests. Our upcoming programs, updates, news and events are kept current on our website front page.

Since  WACSC is a tax-exempt educational organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, membership dues, charitable contributions and bequests to WACSC are tax deductible as provided by law.

Membership information and applications can be found on the “Membership” page of this website. To contact us, see the “Contact Us” page.

Click here to Meet some of the Members of our Board of Directors.

Many Thanks

We extend our thanks and gratitude to West County Net (Chris Frost) for their past and ongoing generous support of WACSC website.


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World Affairs Council of Sonoma County is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit educational organization.

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