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The World Affairs Council of Sonoma County is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to providing greater awareness and understanding of foreign affairs. 


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Please let WACSC know if your mailing and email addresses change. Notify Administrative Manager, Brantly Richardson (, call 573-6014, or notify any Board member.

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P.O. Box 1433
Santa Rosa, CA 95402
Phone: (707) 573-6014


Save the Dates



Thursday, July 26, 2018
7:30 p.m., Spring Lake Village Auditorium
5555 Montgomery Drive, Santa Rosa


Friday, September 7, 2018
Noon, DoubleTree Hotel
One Doubletree Drive, Rohnert Park


Thursday, September 20, 2018
7:30 p.m., Spring Lake Village Auditorium
5555 Montgomery Drive, Santa Rosa




Details Within ....

Call for Volunteers

We request that all eager volunteers for the Program Committee and for general Council help, contact Pat Givens here. Pat, who is one of our most experienced management volunteers, will be inter-viewing volunteer applicants for all positions.  See more below!



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Member Comments & Feedback

To share your comments and suggestions about our programs, restaurants, meals, meal service, meeting venues, or whatever is on your mind, contact the WACSC Board and Program Committee via email by clicking here.


Many Thanks

We want to thank West County Net (Chris Frost) for the generous technical support of WACSC website.

WACSC Volunteers


Our World Affairs Council of Sonoma County is one of over 90 Councils in the United States. We are one of very few Councils that rely entirely on volunteers and have no paid staff.

Our World Affairs Council, in order to function successfully, needs many volunteers to handle a variety of needs; some of these needs require a great deal of time and ongoing effort such as the Program Committee, Administration, or the Website. Some volunteers may perform just a one-time task, while others perform many. Names of some of our many volunteers are listed on the last page of our Perspectives newsletter but there are many more volunteers who handle check-ins at luncheons and evening presentations, manage the Book Club, and produce the Perspectives newsletter. WACSC would not exist without these terrific people!

Do you know someone who would be a great speaker? Do you have a speaker topic you would like presented? Do you have an idea for growing our membership, or maybe you know someone on the Alumni of your University who could help publicize a special presentation? Perhaps you know of an organization that would like a speaker from WACSC to come tell them about us. Do you know about Great Decisions and would like to get involved? Would you like to help research credit card payment options? Are you handy with A/V equipment? Do you have a special talent or expertise that you would like to share?

The volunteering possibilities are endless. How would you like to get involved? Whether you wish to contribute an ongoing amount of time or you simply have time to perform an occasional task, WAC needs your help.

To volunteer, mention your interest to the Hospitality people who check you in at a luncheon or evening presentation, and they will connect you to the right person to talk to. For questions or other suggestions, contact us by e-mail at

If you ask a volunteer why they do what they do, the answers may vary from its a good way to meet people, or I participate because it gives me a feeling of ownership, to its fun! We look forward to hearing from you!

Heather McLintock, Program Committee

Website Change Coming


Because the platform used to create our current website has become obsolete, and will no longer be supported by our website host effective in July, it has become necessary for us to change our website platform.

After reviewing our Council's needs and budget considerations, we have chosen to power our new website. We expect to have it up and running within the next few weeks. We intend to keep the same web address (URL) we have now,

As a user, you won't need to do anything differently. But when you access the site, it will look different. Some of the differences are intentional. We have been working to create a simpler, cleaner site, which will be user-friendly on both computer screens and mobile devices. The emphasis will be on current information about upcoming programs, including anything which has changed since the publication of the latest issue of our quarterly newsletter, Perspectives.

Other differences may reflect the fact that the new site is, and for a time will be, a work in progress, as we work internally and with consultants to develop a final design.

As always, the involvement of our membership is especially helpful. If you have any background in website design, or an interest in assisting us with the ongoing website transition project, please contact Cheryl White at

Perspectives Newsletter E-Edition or Printed Mailer?


Most of our membership receives the full six-page color edition of Perspectives by email while a smaller proportion receive, by stated preference, the two-page, one-color, tri-fold printed and mailed Program Mailer. The e-edition usually arrives several days before the mailed one.

Everyone wanting to upgrade to the e-edition may do so by contacting our Administrative Manager, Brantly Richardson, at 527-0143, or by calling the hotline at 573-6014. Please leave your name, phone number and email address, together with your request to join the e-edition distribution list.

One day, we may have to eliminate all mailings to keep our dues low and fair. Help the Council now by switching from mail to email for your quarterly copies of Perspectives. Thank you.


Please see the current E-Edition of the Perspectives here.


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